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Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 792
Weems & Plath#792Spare Globe for #600 Mini Yacht Lamp..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: WP130
Weems & Plath#130GPS PlotterAn effective interface between a GPS and a paper chartProtractor markings so it can serve as a parallel ruler..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 60
Weems & Plath#60Compact Parallel PlotterSmaller version of a traditional plotterDurable acrylic construction..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: WP145
Weems & Plath 145 Value Parallel Rulers 15"Used to plot or determine a courseBrushed aluminum handles..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 142
Weems & Plath#142Traditional Parallel Rule15"Protective plastic sleeveSolid brass arms and handleIncludes protractor scale..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 92323
Weems & Plath #92323Sharpening PadMaintain proper points on pencils..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 90_1
Weems & Plath#90 ParaLock PlotterGPS Parallel RuleCompact Size..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 138_1
Weems & PlathParallel Rulers 18"The 18-inch (45.72cm) Aluminum Arms Parallel Rule feature aluminum arms that join two clear acrylic rulers inscribed with a protractor scale. An essential item in any proper navigation kit, these rules are used to plot direction on a nautical chart from any convenient..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 165_1
#165Weems & PlathMan Overboard WheelYou can save a life by following the steps displayed on this quick reference Man Overboard Wheel. One side of this two-sided wheel directs initial actions and recovery when a person goes overboard; the reverse side describes the 5 steps of the Williamson Turn mane..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: HD17-6
Weems & PlathHD17-6Disposable Fuel Cell(6 Pack)..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 259_1
Weems & Plath#259Fixed Point Dividers 5"..
Brand: WEEMS & PLATH Model: 176
Weems & Plath Ultralight Dividers/Compass 7"Synchronized arms and center adjustment knob allow for one-handed use and fast, precision adjustment.Brushed aluminum alloy arms have stainless-steel points..
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