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Jet Metal Master Boats

Jet Metal Master Boats

Innovocean Jet Metal Master Series Boats designed for hunting and shallow water application

Models:  JETMA-360,  JETMA-380,  JETMA-420 and  JETMA-470

Color:  Light grey/dark grey, Red/Black

Type:  Roll-up boat

Unique Features

Complete heavy duty hull protection

Four separate air chambers

Top level fabric from German Mehler - Valmex® PVC

Designed with 20 inch aluminum transom for Long shaft 20inch outboards

JETMA380 12.5ft Jet Metal Master Red/Blk Inflatable Boat
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Manufacturer: Innovocean Inflatable Boats Model: JETMA380
Outboard and extra accessories sold separately. Contact us for details.Unique FeaturesComplete heavy duty hull protectionFour separate air chambersTop level fabric from German Mehler - Valmex® PVCDesigned with 20 inch aluminum transom for Long shaft 20inch outboards..
$4,097.00 $4,999.00
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