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Ultralight Aluminum Rib Boats

Ultralight Aluminum RIB Boats

Aluminum hull single deck
Ultra-lightweight make for easy transport and easy deck storage
Open design to create spacious room
Reinforced structure make it strong and durable

Ultra-lightweight, perfect driving experience and durable

These extremely light tenders are easy to transport and has a low impact on your boat davits. One person can handle it easily. 
Large diameter tubes and deep V hull design ensure perfect driving performance: more stable and easy to plane quickly.
Built with top quality materials, strongest construction and high level of quality control.

Brand: Innovocean Inflatable Boats Model: ALS270
ALS270 9ft Ultra-Light Aluminum RIB Graynon-current, display unit.Rated 3 person10 hp Max..
$1,797.00 $2,999.00
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