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13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon

13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon

This is the boat you've been waiting for...

First and foremost, the Open Series (4.2+) use Zodiac's patented easy tube removal system providing unmatched resale value and ease of cleaning/service.

The Zodiac Open Series is the newest release from Zodiac NA. It offers deluxe comfort, superior quality, and unmatched ride performance. With the deep-V fibreglass molded hull Zodiac went back to their roots with focus on ride quality and performance. The double-wide helm bench with backrest and ample storage, fuel compartment, bow locker, and deluxe colour.

The Open 4.2 Rib provides upholstered seating for up to 6 people. Combined with the maximum power rated outboard the included Suzuki EFI 50hp provides the greatest performance results.


  • Zodiac premium hypalon
  • Slide on, slide off replaceable tube
  • Deep-V heavy duty fiberglass hull construction
  • Fuel tank – 12 gallons
  • Molded fiberglass interior seating, console, storage, and bow step with roller and cleat
  • Bow storage locker
  • Chambers: Main tube: 3
  • Dual lifelines on tube, inner and outer
  • Seating for 6 people
  • Mechanical Steering
  • Full rub strake and tube top non-skid patches


  • 2 paddles
  •  lifting points
  • Anchor/Mooring chocks on bow
  • Double pilot/co-pilot seat
  • Foot pump
  • Cup holders (2)
  • Storage in console
  • Owner’s manual
  • Passenger seats
  • Repair kit
  • Steering console with steering wheel and grab rail


  • Suzuki Tach/Monitor Gauge
  • Suzuki Trim Gauge
  • Suzuki Fuel Gauge
  • Two-speaker Marine Stereo
  • Suzuki Aluminum Water-Grip Prop
  • Suzuki Fuel Water Separator
  • Deka 24 Series Starting Battery
  • Fire Extinguisher 5-B.C.
  • 2x Cup-Holders
  • Bow Cushion
  • Navigation Lights
  • 2x USB Plugs
  • Battery Switch
  • Bilge Pump


Maximum 50HP Propulsion : 


Delivering Superior Fuel Efficiency and High Performance In A Lightweight Package. Engineered to deliver fuel-efficient operation in a compact and light weight design, the DF50A utilizes many of the advancements that Suzuki has pioneered over the last decade. This three-cylinder engine with a four valve DOHC design is combined with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System to deliver high-tech performance with efficient operation and top level fuel economy. New DF50A models also sport the optional Suzuki Troll Mode System.


Suzuki engineers are known for creating some of the most compact four stroke outboards in their respective classes. With the DF50A, they started with a clean slate redesigning every part and component incorporating the knowledge and technical advancements gained over the last ten years to create even lighter, more compact outboards.


To get the most out of every drop of fuel, Suzuki engineers developed the Lean Burn Control System on the DF50A, which enables the engine to operate on a lean air-fuel ratio or a thinner mixture of fuel. The system controls the air to fuel mixture by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions. It delivers its benefits over a wide operating range providing significant improvements in fuel economy from low speed operation well up into the cruising range.


The DF50A is equipped with a tilt limit system that is designed to protect the boat from damage that can occur when tilting the outboard. The system incorporates a tilt angle sensor that functions as both a tilt limit and trim sender and uses a step-free, continuous type limiter that makes installation of the outboard possible on nearly any type of boat.


With Suzuki’s Easy Start System, featured on the DF50A, all you need to do is turn the key and release. The starter system does the rest, staying engaged until the engine starts. Smoother and improved starts delivered by the Easy Start System offer more efficient combustion, and greater fuel economy.


Suzuki engineers looked for ways to reduce mechanical loss as a way to improve efficiency in the DF50A. A specially designed oil pump delivers greater mechanical efficiency allowing oil to flow through the lubrication system with less resistance. This, combined with reduced mechanical loss in other areas of the engine contributes to better fuel economy.


Suzuki’s self-adjusting timing chain is featured on the DF50A which is the first outboard in the 44.1kW (60PS) class equipped with this maintenance free feature. The chain is oil-bathed and features an automatic hydraulic tensioner that keeps the chain properly adjusted at all times for maintenance free operation.

*Product data and information provided by manufacturers may change without notice. 

13' 9" Zodiac Open 4.2 - Hypalon
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Inflatable Specs
Overall Length 13' 9"
Overall Width 6' 3"
Buoyancy Tube Diameter 18"
Weight lbs
Passengers 6
Max Horsepower 50 HP
Transom Height 20"
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