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Brand: Lewmar Model: 29925005
Lewmar Block Synchro 50mm29925005Lewmar's Synchro Blocks are engineered for speed, efficiency and superior handling. We use a combination of scientifically optimised block geometry, a free-spin bearing and self-aligning head to reduce friction and increase efficiency by up to 40% over budget blocks ..
Brand: Ronstan Model: RF55511
RonstanRF55511Series 55 BB Orbit Block Fiddle Becket..
Brand: HARKEN Model: 2132HAR
Harken21325mm Shallow BowShackle..
Brand: HARKEN Model: 438
Harken438Cam Cleat Mast Adapter Plate..
Brand: CAMCLEAT Model: CL826-11R
ClamCleatCL826-11CL826 Aero Base + CL211 Mk2Racing Junior..
Brand: CAMCLEAT Model: CL210
ClamcleatCL210Clam-Bollard Major..
Brand: SCHAEFER MARINE Model: 705-11
Schaefer Marine 705-117 Series Cheek Block with Stainless Steel cheek. Delrin(tm) sheave ensures smooth operation and high safe working load. Stainless steel base distributes loads to a large surface area. Sheave Dia. 2-3/8" (60 mm), Max Line 1/2" (13 mm), L 4-3/8" (111 mm), W 2-3/4" (70 mm), H 1" (..
Brand: CLAMCLEAT Model: PT5110
ClamCleatPT5110Titanium High Load Ring10mm borefor 5-6mm rope..
Brand: CLAMCLEAT Model: PT5107
ClamCleatPT5107Titanium High Load Ring7mm bore for 3-4mm rope..
Brand: CLAMCLEAT Model: CL805
ClamCleatCL805Tapered Pad for CL205 & CL220..
Brand: CLAMCLEAT Model: CL803
ClamCleatCL803Tapered Pad for CL209 & CL254..
Brand: CLAMCLEAT Model: CL228
ClamCleatCLM228Vertical wit Integral Fairlead..
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