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Air Floor, 10.4ft, 15HP MAX, 122 lbs, 4 Person

All new model, includes the latest design upgrades and features.

The Duras line of inflatable boats features great multi-purpose European style sports boats that offer superb handling and functionality.
C$1,439.00 C$1,199.00
Z5132, Alu Floor Boards, 12.6ft, 40 HP Max, 216 lbs, 6 Person

Commando C3
The pros

• Strongan™ Duotex™ fabric
• Rigid pre-equipped deck
• Monobloc anodized aluminum floor: rot-resistance and non-corrodible, perfectly resistant to chocks and including a
C$4,995.00 C$4,795.00
Welded seam, PVC Zodiac Rib 290, 5 Year Warranty.
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Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the CADET holds its own against bigger models. Its progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube provides improved stability.
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