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Regardless of your age, the Tiller will last a lifetime. Ideal for the cottage or camp, this all aluminum welded construction is what makes the Tiller the solid choice.
C$26,500.00 C$22,500.00
The Islander is designed for both pleasure and sport. Performance and maneuvrability is achieved thanks to a 16 degree deadrise, a wide beam, and deeper sides. As a pleasure boat, the Islander has plenty of seating capacity, space for storage and an assor
C$69,960.00 C$64,900.00
Function is what the all aluminum Utility V series is all about. They are built as tough as can be to stand up to the rigors of years of hard use. Popular with boat camps and resorts they are very low maintenance.
The 310 Zodiac Rib serves as an excellent ship-to-shore tender, harbor cruiser, and taxi. A large bench seat easily accommodates two people and there is room for a third on the bow locker, while you can fit two more along the tubes.

Includes trim tabs
C$3,190.00 C$2,970.00
The Pulsecraft has grown into an impressive and versatile boat. Uniquely designed with a self draining oor and side door access. With plenty of forward space for cargo and a handy drop gate for loading and o loading, this boat becomes your SUV of boats.
C$78,400.00 C$74,500.00
We’re proud to introduce a new series of heavy duty aluminum fishing boats that are based on our classic hull design that has been seen on the water for decades.
NZ11013C, 8.10ft, 4HP Max, 64 lbs, 3 Person
With its wooden floor slats the Cadet Roll Up models offer a simple to use inflatable boat. Very compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker.
C$1,587.00 C$1,295.00
The Holiday series consists of two models; the 1768 and the 1628. Whether fishing bass, tubing, or just cruising, the Holiday series delivers unmatched versatility for any family to enjoy.
C$24,600.00 C$22,900.00
The PRO OPEN has a new look after a complete new design. But it still has all the features that made it such a success.
G340HGEFW, 10.10ft, 20 HP, 450 lbs, 4 Person
With their superior quality, comfort and elegance, this series has become a prestigious and exclusive tender for owners of luxury yachts.
Air Floor, 10.4ft, 15HP MAX, 122 lbs, 4 Person

All new model, includes the latest design upgrades and features.

The Duras line of inflatable boats features great multi-purpose European style sports boats that offer superb handling and functionality.
C$1,439.00 C$1,349.00
NZ11015C, 8.10ft, 8 HP Max, 82 lbs, 3 Person
Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the CADET holds its own against bigger models. Its progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube provides improved stability.
C$1,863.00 C$1,679.00
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